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FatFs Library Port for Stellaris EK-LM3S811 Evaluation Board

I have written a port of the ELM-FatFs Generic FAT File System Module for the TI Stellaris EK-LM3S811 Evaluation board which runs on an ARM Cortex-M3 processor. The library is extensively used when connecting SD Cards to embedded systems. It is freely available under the GNU License.

It consists of a File I/O layer and Disk I/O Layer in which the former is constant across all platforms while the latter is specific to a micro-controller.

Disk I/O layer specifies the board pins, clocks and timers which are to be used. The board pins I have used are:

  • SSIClk (Pad No. Eight) connected to SCK Pin of SD Card.
  • SSIRx (Pad No. Ten) connected to DO of SD Card.
  • SSITx (Pad No. Eleven) connected to DI of SD Card.
  • PC4 (Pad No. Five) connected to CS of SD Card.

The files can be downloaded from here. I have also supplied the makefile which takes care of all the compilation tasks provided your toolchain is set up as described here.

Steps to use the files in your project.

  1. Copy all the files in to your project folder.
  2. Include the “ff.h” and “diskio.h” header files in your code.
  3. Refer the ELM – FatFs library reference for writing your program in “main.c”.
  4. Compile the program.

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4 thoughts on “FatFs Library Port for Stellaris EK-LM3S811 Evaluation Board

  1. Hi! Just wanted to check which Stellaris kit would you recommend for Cortex M3/M4 development? Are the “available” pins enough for some serious prototyping? Or, are they all tied to functions on the board itself?

    Which kit would you recommend to do some serious prototyping on?

    • I have used only the LM3S811 Evaluation kit, which is Cortex-M3 kit. The pins on the board are enough for prototyping. Infact, it has only 4 pins which are tied to functions on the board, leaving more than 30 pins free. TI has given the option to disable the onboard functions, viz. LCD and user button and LED, by just removing the zero value resistors present on the board which would then free up the pins used.

      I have read a lot about LM3S8962, which is again a Cortex-M3 kit. It has everything on board, Ethernet, CAN, USB, SD Card etc which can be useful for some serious prototyping.

  2. Please post code on another place. Megaupload link doesn’t work.

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