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MD5 Hash Generation on Arduino

I implemented the MD5 hash generation algorithm on the Arduino. The algorithm is available freely by RSA Data Security Inc. subject to some usage restrictions. The algorithm files are written in C. They have to be ported to run on the Arduino, which basically  involves changes in the variables used in the algorithm. This 128 bit hash is handled with utter ease by the 8 bit AVR core on the Arduino.

It takes a string as the input serially over the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor. The return value is the MD5 hash computed on the 16MHz Arduino processor.

The complete step by step algorithm can be found here.

I intend to use it later in my projects for security enhancements and error detection and of course Geohashing.

Click here to download source code and library files used in this project.

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11 thoughts on “MD5 Hash Generation on Arduino

  1. How easily does it handle? To estimate that, you should time the execution over different sample inputs..

    • I tried doing that. To check execution speed, I ran it through a loop sending a random string every time. This way I could get it to generate around 250 hashes a second. When not using UART, this speed would increase.

  2. Gnorks on said:


    i wanted to check out your MD5 implementation, but as Megaupload is ultimately offline could you please reupload your source code somewhere else?

    Thank you 🙂

  3. Hey,
    What needed chaning in the original algorithm to make the code work on the Arduino / AVR microcontroller?

  4. Вы уебаны.

  5. Miroslav on said:

    could you please reupload your source code somewhere else?

    Thank you

  6. Flavia on said:

    The Dropbox link and the first one are unavailable… Could someone to share the code, please?

  7. do you want to share source code for my project. I really need source code

  8. prashanthreddy ragula on said:

    could some one share the source code

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