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Arduino 101

I have been waiting for this small dose of magic for over a month now. I am talking about my Arduino, the open source hardware prototyping platform for hobbyists, yes, I call myself a hobbyist rather than a to-be engineer.

It is small piece of hardware weighing about 50 grams and 3×2.5 inch size. It has everything you will ever need to design micro controller based projects. Offering 18 total I/O pins, 6 PWM pins and 6 Analog I/O pins it can be adapted well to almost all one’s requirements. To know more click here.

I got hold of my first Arduino today.

Before getting onto anything big on the Arduino, I decided to start with the basics as it was the first time I am using the hardware.

I made a simple, very simple in fact, LED Sequencer. It is the most basic thing you can do with the Arduino. I am basically controlling five LEDs over the five Digital I/O pins and sequencing them. Check out the video below.

I will be posting a weblog of all my experiences with the Arduino over the next couple of months.

Sorry for the abrupt tick at 00:10 when the light goes off. Stupid Clap Switches.

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2 thoughts on “Arduino 101

  1. Roopam on said:

    Arduino workshop coming up in Innovision, dude! đŸ˜‰

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